WL//WH Track Of The Day : MONDO “Indeleble”

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As the title of the debut EP “Instintos Primarios” suggests , the 80’s British new wave and post-punk influenced sound of the Mexican 4-piece Mondo is filled with emotional urgency and intensity.  

After an excellent track/single “Aurora Borealis” on the “We are one – Darkwave Vol​.​I” compilation, the band have dropped their debut 6-track debut via Mexico City‘s independent label We are one Records. Six genuine and effective snapshots of life lived drenched in gloomy and melancholic post-punk melodies, between sadness and euphoria, hope and disillusionment.

“Indeleble” is introduced by a menacing throbbing bass line backed by pounding drums, the guitar weaves intricate webs of flanged, jangly, sharp and wistful guitar leads cutting through dense stabs of icy mournful synths setting a nostalgic and tragic tone. The plaintive, wailing at times, frustrated and angry vocals, echoed by relentlessly mournful guitar and synth notes, arouse deep feelings of despair and longing of a bleeding heart.

A good debut for a young band that, if able to develop a more defined sense of their own identity, could only get better.

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