WL//WH Track Of The Day: MISTRESS “Early November”

Track Of The Day Mistress

Formed in February 2020, Mistress is a new young band from Bern, Switzerland, made of the creative interaction between Max and Tamu, with an electronic-infused dark sound that stands at the intersection between post-punk, darkwave, emo, and gothic, who have just dropped their first single “Early November”.

Disturbed lyrics unravel in an urgent hysteria of shameful remorse and cold, isolating dread begging another to “Hold me Tight!”

Pulsing rumbling and menacing bass oscillations ebb and flow amidst swift, slashing tight snare beats, interspersed by off-tempo tinny claps, tainted with swarming searing guitar melodies, injecting an impending oppressive sense of fear and claustrophobia, punctuated by eerie shivering synth chords flashing fearfully, looming over airless anxious male vocals and distressed back-ups ungently dripping with overwhelming obsessions into the swirling and glowing meltdown of innermost panic.

Sprinkled with glimmers of Bauhaus and Lebanon Hanover, draped in nocturnal stifling coldness, Mistress‘s first effort is a well-crafted, energetic, and vibrant modern take on post-punk.

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