WL//WH Track Of The Day: MISSVNARIES ov CHARITY “Rosy”


New bouncy and infectious new single, “Rosy”, on the heels of last year’s rousing debut EP “Hvmanity as a hole” on Detriti Records, from Copenhagen‘s ‘horny’ post-punk trio MISSVNARIES ov CHARITY, allegedly comprised of veterans from the Danish Post-punk and Cold Wave scene. 

Reminiscent of the late 70s/early 80s British skeletal, groovy and nerve-wracking Post-punk, somehow combining Au Pairs/Josef K’s 6-string angular edginess and Lyndon-esque heady vocal sharpness, “Rosy” erupts in a vibrant swaying of fidgety clipped, funky guitar riffs, cutting through a steady mechanical drum machine, whilst lithe, warm bass lines pulse snakingly beneath resonant stretched chiming strains, scrabbling over raucous expressive uninhibited vocals, dripping aloof angst into groovy waves of compulsive desire.

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