WL//WH Track Of The Day: MINERS “Right Of Way”

Track Of The Day Miners  

Running after the elusive daily massive number of releases from around the world, we had lost track of the Australian Shoegaze power trio Miners based in the coastal Wollongong, after the long-awaited release of the self-titled debut full-length a couple of years ago.

As if to remind us that the band is still active, some members were recently also involved in the Country Folk side project  MFV, albeit more properly to celebrate the second anniversary of the LP, here is a new track, “Right Of Way”, recorded in 2019 during those sessions that for some reason didn’t appear on it, although a fixture of their live set for many years.

Maybe due to the fact the song differs from the overall loud, jagged and distorted Noise Rock / Shoegaze riffing tones of the album, to embrace instrumental clarity cloaked in ’80s British Post-punk atmospherics and jangly Indie Rock.

Lyric-wise, a nervous soul decides to leave for the city, once and for all, to start a new life near a loved one.

Driven by nimble drum beats, a persistent reiteration of pinpoint swaying crystalline guitar chords arouse a frenzied winding firework of glistening guitar wanderings, stabbed by echoing reverb-filled, subtly abrasive riffs, relentlessly interwoven with lithe, meandering, and mumbling bassline resonance, racing with desperate agonizing sharp urgency atop lost angsty detached vocals drawing restless breaths of fear and longing.

The band seems to look forward to showing brand new music over the year, let’s have a close look.

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