WL//WH Track Of The Day: MIDNIGHT PSYCHIC “String Of Fate“


Satisfying in all respects the chilling debut single, “String Of Fate“, from Connecticut based Post-punk / Goth Rock band Midnight Psychic, made up of musicians Jayson Munro (guitar, vocals) and George Moore (bass), which headily combines the scratchy, slick and clanging, vaguely psychedelic, atmospheric guitar tones of Daniel Ash, a melodic throbbing Hook-like bass line, adorned by an alluringly groovy haunting vocality. 

“String of Fate” connects the dots between seemingly random events to build an ominous esoteric superstition based on karmic luck and misfortune.

A hypnotic thumping drum machine drives a somberly vibrant spine of an elastic rumbling bassline, blazed by jagged slivers of fluid guitars and sharp riffs that climb, sparkle, and echo with pain-filled vibrancy around emphatic melancholic baritone broods, rising and falling in tragic emotional moods of despair and doom.

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