WL//WH Track Of The Day: MIDNIGHT PASSAGE “Sleepwalker”

Track Of The Day Midnight Passage 

Coldwave /Post-punk band Midnight Passage was founded in Voronov, Russia by Yegor “Melnigore” Melnik (Guitar, Bass, Synths, Vocal, Lyrics) and Nikita “St Theodore” Theodorov (Drums, Synths, Production), two musicians with duelling music backgrounds, the latter an up and coming Electronic DJ-producer with not too far away leanings such as the infamous DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo, The Hacker, Disko B and akin Dark Electro Wave influences, ‘to create a beginning where minimalism, lingering strain, and fatale existence met’.

The duo plays a fascinating, atmospheric, and glacial classic post-punk infused with noir melancholy that delves deeper into the heart of darkness of the human psyche to envelope the listener in a sensual black velvet glove of intimate and painful gloomy introspection.

The title track, “Sleepwalker”, off of the just-released debut 7-song EP, deals with obsessive lyrics that muse in a vicious circle of denial and pain, driven by a groovy, sleek and emotionally crushing brooding bassline, punctuated by a steady sharp drum machine, and somberly ethereal, sparkling guitar melodies, layered with subtly droning synth veils, whilst impassioned breathy baritone exudes frustration and angst through a whimsical, aching fantasy of fear, love, and helplessness.

Midnight Passage‘s debut Mini-LP (or EP) “Sleepwalker” is out now digitally on Bandcamp and the main sharing platforms.

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