WL//WH Track Of The Day: MESSIER 13 “Fandango”

Track Of The Day MESSIER 13

Athens, Greece based Dream Pop / Shoegaze, I guess still, 5-piece band Messier 13 finally return, exactly two years on from their interesting debut lo-fi 3-track ‘Demo’ EP, with the debut single “Fandango” and a more professional sound. 

Lost lyrics brood in a helpless realm of feared abandonment to ride waves of agony and ecstasy into an eternal obsession of grey skies.

A phantasmagoric radiant and heavy haze shrouded in lights and shadows intertwine richly textured layers of strident and noisy Shoegaze reverbs, contemplative and ethereal Dream Pop melancholy, and soaring evocative Post-rock atmospherics, coloured with emotional-laden soothing vocals.

Intoxicating piercing yet dreamy female vocals somberly drift and sway over heavy stumbling drum beats buzzing and turbulent whirlwind spirals of fuzz-laden guitar distortion, insistently transfixed by aching sparkling strains, alternating with reflective arpeggiated crystalline interludes along searing sky high frequencies, into intoxicating waves of swelling angst.

Maybe Messier 13 still don’t have the personality of fellow Athenian band Sugar For The Pill, but once again they sound very promising.

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