WL//WH Track Of The Day: MESSIER 13 “Bridges”

Track Of The Day MESSIER 13

New 2-track single “Harm” for the Athens-based Greek 4-piece Messier 13, which we have been following since their inception, comprised of the reworking of the previous track “Fandango” and the unreleased “Bridges”.

The new song follows along the lines of the band’s distinctive noisy, emotional-filled atmospheric Guitar Sound that carves contrasts and shapes fusions of lights and shadows, straddling the line between contemplative Dream-Pop and vertiginous Shoegaze.

Desperate lyrics anguish in a darkened realm of lost hope.

Characterized by the hypnotic scattered cadences of the rhythm section, a dramatic and evocative 6-string work, heightened by stirring vocalizations of magnetic expressive power, the immersive “Bridges” winds pensive melancholy and resonant palpable sorrow that vibrates alone in the midst of perpetual shimmering wistful guitar melodies, stabbed by excruciating and emotive whirlwinds of distorted, sparkling riffs and high-pitched plaintive ripping leads, rambling hopelessly through an abysmal night of the soul from a profound pain-filled vocal sorrow, rising and falling with wretched heartache into an eternal suffering of unfortunate doom.

The debut album is in production, keep a close eye on Messier 13.

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Live six d.o.g.s 8 Oct 2022 – photo by Evagelia Samartzi