WL//WH Track Of The Day: MERCY RUIN “Awaits”

Track Of The Day  MERCY RUIN  

Mercy Ruin is the incoming solo project by Blake Treviño hailing from Boston, Massachusetts that has just debuted with a two-track demo aptly titled “Demonstration”.

Unlike his metal band, Head in Hand, where it’s a relentless doom and gloom racket, different is the matter this time, closer to the most melancholic and reflective vein of the 80s influenced Goth-tinged Post-punk stylings as in “Let This World Burn”, reminiscent of For Against, with willowy jangly guitar melodies stirred by affecting emotive vocals.

Still skipping over a quick and nimble rhythmic pattern, yet more synth-laden, visceral and anthemic “Awaits”, with some ‘Indie Rock’ suggestions ala The National and nods to the most cinematic and high sounding 80s ‘New Wave’ and most recently White Lies, combines crushing and emphatic emotional heft with a resonant sense of earnest intensity, built-up tension and cathartic release.

 Lyric-wise about a lost soul taking a chance with a fateful encounter, whilst trying to fill a nagging emptiness inside, “Awaits” sparks off rapid crisp rolling percussions, droning, rushing guitars and epic evocative keyboard orchestration, laced with wistful bouncy staccato piano keys, that echo and vibrate, filled with desperate energy and heartfelt poignant sentiments at vocals’ distressed passion, whilst dropping fear and angst into a distorted whimsical dream.

Both two demos represent a truly gripping and promising “Demonstration”.

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