WL//WH Track Of The Day: MERAUNG “Merah Di Tiga”

Track Of The Day MERAUNG

Unapologetically Lo-Fi aesthetics, uncompromising Punk attitude and strict DIY ethics are at the heart of the Indonesian label Disanorak based in Jakarta, inspired by ’80s trailblazers such as The Smiths, Felt, JAMC, Slowdive and iconic imprints such as Postcard, Sarah and Creation, among others, to promote local bands with a noisy yet reflective, as well as harmonic yet discordant anglophile guitar-laden sounds, varying between Twee, C86, Jangle-Pop, Post-punk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Noise Pop and Shoegaze.

The latter three categories define the first-ever single, titled “Merah Di Tiga”, from Bogor‘s outfit Meraung, gripped by endless nostalgia and introspective melancholy, amidst a heartfelt blend of catchiness and roughness, driven by steady bouncy drum beats twisted with urgent swirling layers of fuzzed-out distortion, high-pitched ringing echoes and sparse jerky riffs, to immerse cloaked emotive vocal intensity and fragile shattered cries, in a loud and vibrant chaos, whilst struggling to emerge

Smeared by hazy and reverb-drenched energizing guitars with repetitive jangly strains and distant forlorn chants, the engulfing, “Segeralah Selesai”, on the flip, complements appropriately a quite enticing and promising debut.

The slightly more than six minutes of “Merah Di Tiga” will be soon dropped by the Disanorak label in Cassette format and, while you’re in it, don’t forget to have a close listen to the recently released third volume of the compilation series “STRAWBERRY PUNKS Vol​.​3”, made of 5 captivating Indonesian indie pop bands, incoming on Tape as well.

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