WL//WH Track Of The Day: MEDICINE BOY “Wrecker”


“Take Me With You When You Disappear” is the title of the upcoming third LP and final chapter from the Cape Town bred, relocated to Berlin, ‘dream noise’ duet Medicine Boy, made of Andre Leo & Lucy Kruger.

Over six years the South-African band have undertaken, through two albums and a handful of singles/EPs, a stirring coherent and heartfelt musical exploration, of sheer emotional power and raw energy, into the heart and soul of noise, blurring elements of psychedelia, blues, shoegaze, folk, post-punk, walking down that fine line between intense dream and stark reality.

The band’s shadowy, intense, dream-like, fuzz-smeared sound, steeped in greyish bleak hues, equally distorted and introspective, is the dramatically visceral aching soundtrack of two souls lost in pain and desire, at the same time their cathartic relief and purification, looking for calm amidst the noise, and harmony amidst their chaos.

Opening track “Wrecker” inveigles its way into a relentless, turbid, enthralling subdued slow-burn, at the same time sensual and enveloping, steered by low paced thudding drumbeats along with droning swirling distorted guitar melodies smoulder wistfully in groovy fuzzy riffs, injecting layers of lustful anticipation and excitation, whilst male and female vocals blend seamlessly weaving in and out of an alluring, hypnotic calm seduction into a tempestuous release of restrained tortured screams, haunting each other in inaudible echoes of incandescent romance.

Medicine Boy‘s upcoming third and final full-length LP “Take Me With You When You Disappear” is slated for release on 22 May 2020, but already available for pre-order, via Fuzz Club Records (vinyl EU/UK pre-order here), Permanent Records (vinyl ZA pre-order here) and digitally on the band’s Bandcamp.

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