WL//WH Track Of The Day: MEADOWLAKE “Blood Crawls”

Track Of The Day  Meadowlake

One of the most touching, intense and fascinating songs of the week is the new single, “Blood Crawls”, from the Dutch dream pop/shoegaze five-piece Meadowlake based out of Groningen, that following the S/T debut LP in 2018, are gradually approaching to their sophomore full-length due out within 2020.

 Inspired by The National, Slowdive and Beach House, the band’s music is characterized atmospheric and introspective guitar sound, made of reverberated and sparkling shoegaze-tinged guitar chords, post-rock echoes, swelling synths, mesmeric rhythms over fragile yet tense, unpassionate male/female vocals, that under seemingly calm and reflective moods, with sparse sonic outbursts, harbor a tormented, restless, dark soul, infused by latent and encompassing melancholy, seeping into the folds of the weakness of human relationships.

Hypnotic reverberated glistening guitar melodies, suspended in agony and unyielding despair, relentlessly pulse claustrophobic sorrow, fueled by swelling, rubbery bassline, over a backbone of sprightly broken drumbeats, wailing with growing intensity over sadly shocked trembling female whispering, merged with disappointed male confusion transgressing into separate discernment.