WL//WH Track Of The Day: MAZEPPA “Storm”

Track Of The Day Mazeppa

Michal Perez Noy, a Haifa, Israel musician, vocalist and composer, started in 2017 a project to compose songs based on the verses of early ‘900 Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke. She was soon joined by Asaf Koren (guitar), Elad Bardas (bass) and Amir Noy (drums) and what started as the Rilke project became Mazeppa.

The band’s fresh, creative and hypnotic, simultaneously classical and modern, psychedelic sound is sprinkled with different sonic nuances spanning from Space Rock, Krautrock, Art Rock, Shoegaze, Soundtrack and Turkish music.

The first single “Storm”, based on Maria Rilke‘s lyrics inspired by the episode of young Ivan Mazepa punished by the Zar for adultery and strapped on the back of a wild horses, that first caught the attention of Lord Byron and subsequently several other artists starting with the French Romantics to Victor Hugo and composers like Franz Liszt and Tchaikovsky, is a sublime and passionate mind-bending ride, through time and space, brimming with rich and sensual melodies doused in mysterious and epic vibes that thrill to the core.

Sultry evocative guitar harmonies sparkle and quiver together with enticing flexible bass pulsations and laid back drumming layered with sideral and spacey ‘prog’ keys, ebb and flow in unison with intoxicating urgent and vehement feel fired by mourning, turbulent, intense female vocals laced with longing, suffering, and compassion, bursting with raw sheer emotive power to create a wholly engulfing, riveting listen.

Mazeppa‘s debut album, recorded in Italy with producer Benjamin Esterlis,  is going to release in September 2019, check it out!

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