WL//WH Track Of The Day: MARBH “Shame”

Track Of The Day  marbh

Combining a mixture of art punk, noise-rock and post-punk, Japanese power trio MARBH based in Tokyo, made of katsuki yashiro (vocals), leo okada (bass) and akira yokoyama (drums), still in the process of developing and honing their own sound, look to be on the right track with the new sophomore single “Shame”.

Introduced by bleeds of 6-string distortions immediately frantic and fidgety rhythms rumble and judder along unremittingly propelled by thundering, pummeling drums and growling churning bassline lacerated by dissonant high-pitched shards of guitar whining melodies and sparse abrasive clanging riffs to build fractious, jittery, dense and kinetic sonic rush packed full of chaotic tension to undercut anxious, sloshed vocals revealing hidden conflict, abuse of power and brandishing weapons in a breathless paranoid rant that leaves convincing conspiracy theories in its wake.

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