WL//WH Track Of The Day : MARATHON “Checking Out”

Track Of The Day

I was missing in action, but fortunately suddenly popped out at midweek, the debut album by Melbourne based 4-piece Marathon, full of fantastic guitar pop sound from the first track to the last.

Fully rooted in the 80s DIY jangle indie-pop aesthetics with post-punk hints, a fine blend of Bristol’s Sarah Records hazy melancholy, Galaxie 500 reverb-heavy minimalism, The Smiths romance, Flying Nuns dark edge, The Apartments tormented haziness and The Go Betweens refined urgency, all enriched by a mature crystalline and elegant songwriting and witty, heartfeld lyrics.

“Checking out”, already out as a single at the start of the year, is a song about escapism, a man who cannot stay in reality, whether it be through drugs or simply running away, he has continued this pattern his whole life and cannot stop. Sorrounded by jangling shimmering intricate guitar chords, melodic bass and pounding drums, the sincere, cheeky yet dire vocals arouse a deep sense of pain and hardship in dealing with reality.

Great pop at its best, just a sampler from an impressive debut.

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