WL//WH Track Of The Day: MANTAROCHEN “Brille”


 “Brille” is the new single, the third since the end of last year, of Mantarochen, an elusive solo project from Leipzig, Eastern Germany, who plays a stripped-down, spiky and sharp guitar-driven Post-punk sound, in the 80s NDW tradition of X-Mal Deutschland and Abwärts, with the same powerful expressive urgency and punk attitude, albeit without the gothic drama of the former, as well as on the same wavelength of fellow contemporary band Onyon and the Berliner ‘Allee der Kosmonauten’ pack.

Fueled tirelessly by a tight-snap drum machine and a menacing cavernous throbbing bassline, a jittery wander of jagged, shattered, and distorted guitar riffing, surrounded by eerie twisted synth whirls, ringing obsessively atop hazy aloof vocals, to unleash breathless angst into urgent stinging swarms of chaotic moods.

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