WL//WH Track Of The Day: MAN WITH ONE BULLET “Onda Oscura”


Brazilian solo project Man With One Bullet debuts his first EP “Living My Own Life” featuring last year’s sweeping and tormented epic cavalcade “Black”, two new tracks plus a couple of beat-driven dancing remixes by fellow Brazilian Darkwave artist Ratpajama and Dutch Electro/Industrial juggernaut Mikrometrik.

 The João Pessoa-based act delivers an ’80s-inspired brooding, and atmospheric guitar-driven Post-Punk draped in black-clad Gothic allure, set on tight rhythms, bleak chugging bass, sparkingly ethereal curtains of reverbed guitars on the forefront, and cold lifeless vocals underneath, to create mesmerizing and strained pain-filled soundscapes.

Following the slowed down, seething introspective agony of “Lost Memories”, the further unreleased song, “Onda Oscura”, unleashes urgent clattering drumming woven with a lithe gurgling bassline, to throb ceaselessly below hauntingly evocative and taut wandering melodies, woven by heavy effect-filled glistening guitars, snaking around hurried, mainly emotionless, spoken word vocals, injecting flirtatious lure into a lustful, leather shaded dancing darkness.

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