WL//WH Track Of The Day: MAGIC WANDS “Cyan Blue”

Track Of The Day  Magic Wands

Los Angeles-based duo Magic Wands, comprised of Chris and Dexy Valentine, return, after last year’s compelling third album “Abrakadabra”, with a new single entitled “Cyan Blue”.

Starting right back where they left off, distinctive of the band’s, equally seductive and sophisticated, emotional sound, that relentlessly drowns and dazes the senses, walking down that fine line between goth-tinged dream pop and new wave with psychedelic undertones.

Reverb-filled wistful guitar melodies together with dark and glassy swathes of synth, profound warm bassline and repetitive, hypnotic beats, seamlessly glide in a giddily contagious way to create a sensual, ecstatic haze of true or dare reverie arouse by ethereal, whispery vocals, beautifully laced both with sweetness and ache, wow undying love for her partner, albeit undermined by insecurities, as she repeatedly asks, “tell me it’s true”.

Magic Wands once again let their somber and infectious melodies, sublimed by Dexy’s voice, work their magic and you can’t help but sway to.

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