WL//WH Track Of The Day : MAGIC MOUNTAIN “When We Were Young”

Founded in Nottingham, England by James Percy and Ash Smart with the prompt addiction of Sarah Smart on flutes and synths, Magic Mountain released a couple of EPs around 2013-2015 and the single “Breathless” later in February 2017, before coming back in great shape at the start of this year with the ethereal and epic “It’s Over”
The 3-piece has just shared the new single “We Were Young” distinctive of the band’s emotional, brooding and energetic synthwave sound infused with post-punk and shoegaze suggestions.
A poignant and moving synth-laden number about depression, youth and change. Taut, pounding drum beats and deep smoldering pulsing bass line brace dense and relentless layers of reverb-heavy droning guitar melodies pierced by penetrating ominous synth swells, to build feelings of dismal emptiness and lacerating nostalgia burdened by deep mournful quivering vocals brimming with angst, regret and longing.
A sad lonely man looks back to his happy and carefree “glory years” of youth and feels devastated compared to the forlorn present.
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