WL//WH Track Of The Day: MADMOIZEL “Control”

Track Of The Day  MADMOIZEL

Every week, in these times of home captivity, the excellent TONN Recordings regularly gives us a free downloadable lockdown song, ‘Music to lose ourselves in …’, and you can’t help but get lost in the synth-laden neon-lit sheen of “Control”, the new relentlessly dark, mesmeric and driving electronic jam from Paris-based vocalist composer & performer Madmoizel, ready to overwhelm your senses with rousing and eager sonic shivers.

Muffled thumping arrhythmic beats and hectic taut bass loops throb hypnotically, steadily pierced by flashing alarming synth stabs, bursting and building, charged by sparse crispy cowbell-patterns, in obsessively ominous rumbling intensity, oozing steady, edgy emotional layers of torrid passion and lustful glamour, sharpened by profound, sensual quivering vocals moan echoes of shimmering orgasmic hypnotism into a blaze of transgressive darkness.

Madmoizel increasingly establishes herself as a confident master of her unpredictable cold/warm synth craft.

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