WL//WH Track of The Day: LUNAR LOCK “Dantean Beauty”

Track Of The Day LUNAR LOCK

Two-piece French Post-Punk / Coldwave band, Lunar Lock, returns with the first preview from the upcoming second EP, “The Dream Of Sad City”, due out November 10, at their most atmospheric, elegiac and spellbinding so far.

Lovelorn lyrics pine in helpless adoration for a “Dantean Beauty” to evoke longing and despair.

On the edge between light and dark, the song arouses nostalgic and stirring echos of ’80s UK New Wave, the early key chords for an instant are reminiscent of OMD’s “Souvenir”, to fuse melodic and emotive synth strings with moody post-punk basslines and a metronomic minimal drum machine.

“Dantean Beauty”  is punctuated by skeletal dry snare drums along with the eternally throbbing bassline’s somber angst, encircled by emotional-ridden glaring curtains of vibrant synths, wandering and shuddering in unison with romantic aching vocals, releasing melancholy and sorrow into a bittersweet realm of enraptured ethereal doom.

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