WL//WH Track Of The Day: LUNAR ISLES “The Shore”

Track Of The Day LUNAR ISLES

Nearly every morning I’m used to running with my dog on a semi-deserted beach, at least in the non-holiday season, very similar to the one pictured on the cover of the new single from South Korean-based, Scottish multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter David Skimming AKA Lunar Isles, precisely titled “The Shore”, the last teaser from the forthcoming album “Right Way Round.”

The ideal moment to let the thoughts run free in front of the arcane vast attraction, as well as the magnetic, and cathartic force of the sea, sinking into an immersive contemplative state of moving recollections, mixed reflections, and ever-changing personal perspectives.

The artist looks at “the shore” for insight during an uncertain period of ticking time, depicted by his distinctive ‘Surf-tinged Bedroom Pop’ that blurs reality and imagination into a bewitching oneiric dimension, amidst vivid tinkling reverberations layered with subtly restless, hazy refracting textures, imbued with an overflowing bittersweet nostalgia and an enveloping cinematic ambiance.

The song unfurls through shimmering waves of guitar chords, over a bed of skipping rhythmic patterns and a warm pulsing bassline, to drift against insistent breezes of bittersweet crystalline sparkly melodies around dreamy introspective vocals, drawing melancholic breaths of dread, whilst wafting through glistening quivers of hopeful moods.

Lunar Isles‘ upcoming album, ‘Right Way Round’, will be released next month in digital format, as well as available to purchase on a limited run of cassette tapes already on pre-order at this link.

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