WL//WH Track Of The Day: LÚA GRAMER “La Espada”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  LÚA GRAMER

Although formed in 2016, I got to know the Spanish collective Lúa Gramer through their endearing album “Destruir el pop” at the beginning of 2020, where more than ‘destroying’, they reworked a couple of decades of guitar pop with prowess and freshness, through an emotional-ridden melodic balance of noisy shoegaze wrapped in hazy melancholy and bittersweet indie-pop, equally nostalgic and introspective, as it is energetic and vibrant laced with subtle lingering dark filigrees of inner restlessness.

The Estremadura band based in Badajoz, return with the new single, “La Espada”, via Clifford Records, that combines the noisy, reverb-drenched nuances of the ’90s shoegaze sound with their distinctive pop delicacy, whilst cryptic, Spanish lyrics relay uncertainty about the death of love through a spiritual, romantic lens wept in shattered expectations,

Propelled by unsteady sprightly drum beats, a groovy willowy and rubbery bassline snakingly pulses underneath ecstatic rambling waves of fuzz-strewn distorted guitar riffs, waxing and waning with anxious sparkling ripples and wistful swirls to elicit mercurial whims of untamed passions, amid obsessive keyboard spirals swishing atop airless clear yet angsty vocals, encapsulated by soft male echoes and layers of celestial hums, longing helpless in a relentless sway of broken dreams.

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