WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOWER SAVAGE “Latitude 333”

Track Of The Day  Lower Savage

The magic of music. Two sensitive souls, talented artists, maybe two lovers, Californian Eleanor, aka Gold Chamber (words and vocals) and French Nicolas Albin, aka Then Came The Rain (guitar, bass and machines) encompass miles of distance and achieve the perfect sonic alchemy with the collaborative new project Lower Savage, creating a dense, lush, voluptous, atmospheric, simultaneously emotional wrenching and deeply immersive, goth-tinged coldwave sound, wrapped in introspective lyrics and drenched in noir aestethics.

Obscure, sensual and enticing “Latitude 333” unfurls a deep prominent, propulsive bassline, underscored by obsessive lashing beats and dismal synth drifts, that throbs and pulses relentlessly along with evocative John McGeoch-esque brittle, quivering guitar sears, drowning, lost and forsaken, in an endless sea of darkness and depression, ‘where dying stars drink the sea and wild waves vaporize the skin’, engulfed by emotive, sorrowful, sparsely echoed vocals conjured by mystery, conflict and desire that creep straight up your spine and strike profoundly your senses.

Lower Savage‘s compelling debut 6-tracker “Undertows” is out now, CD and digital, on Bandcamp. Highly recommended!

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