WL//WH Track Of The Day : LOVE UNDER WILL “You and Me (First Degree)”

Track Of The Day Love Under Will

Electronic post punk/new wave ‘libertines in black’ duo from Michigan, Love Under Will, comprised of Nick Holland (Voices and Lyrics) and Dylan Duffiney (Guitar/Bass/Additional Voices), have just dropped their debut 4-track EP “Strange Litanies”, ‘four songs of possession, murder, vampirism, and lycanthropy for your forbidden listening pleasures’, soon also available on cassette in March.

The haunting and dangerous “You and Me (First Degree)” is built around a terrific and irresistible spine-throttling, Peter Hook-like, deep pulsing melodic bassline backed by rapid and hypnotic beats, awash with searing layers of wistful guitar, distil eerie shivers of doom, lovelorn romanticism and despair encapsulated by simultaneously profound and sensual, powerful and detached croons dripping with pain, delusion, and yearning.

A concoction made of gruesome metaphors, parodies and vivid imagination describe different weapons, methods, and ultimately why, “your love is about murder” in this dark, alluring, twisted romance. 

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Photo by Bryce Mata