WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOVE & THE VOID “Never The Same (Demo)”

Track Of The Day Love & The Void

Apparently, the vibrant tranquillity of the hot and dry desert around Phoenix, Arizona, infused with the all-encompassing spiritual power of its Native American heritage, could be an inspiration for the burgeoning local post-punk and darkwave scene, with exciting bands like Brooding, Terminal 11, Emcast, as pointed out to me by a beloved French band, who used to tour there not long ago.

Last but not least is the elusive coldwave solo project Love & The Void, that after a rather brilliant single “Tangled Like This” a couple of years ago, is back in the folds with a new demo track “Never The Same”, typical of his dark, moody, dense, and melodic classic, mid-’80s influenced, gothic post-punk, based on the intricate interplay between the deep pulsing bass and the gloomily sparkling guitar, fueled by solid rhythms and icy synth, over ‘Robert Smith-esque’ plaintive vocals.

Propelled by fast-paced spanking drumbeats, ceaselessly sinuous meandering bassline broods ominously, mingling along gleaming reverb-drenched atmospheric guitar melodies bubbling and soaring constantly, awash by bleak deep-frozen drifts of synth, to inject an angsty, obscure ethereal cloak of helpless pain and bitter wistfulness, embued by void-haunted hollow desperate cries howl intense suffering, lost in detached melancholic longings, seeking comfort from the past, to unearth the startling truth regarding life, love, and unhappiness..

Superb stuff, let’s hope for something more than a ‘hit-and-run’.

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