WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOVE OF CONSOLATION “The Light”

Track Of The Day Love Of Consolation

Recently a good number of industrial and hard techno producers/musicians, most often with impressive results, are increasingly tempted to start side-projects inspired by the dark post-punk of the 80s, without forgetting modern bands like Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon. Death Comes Crawling, Our Broken Dreams, Strangers in Love are the first ones that come to mind.

LOVE OF CONSOLATION is the second Synthwave/Darkwave/Post Punk moniker of young Italian artist, Cristian HC Usai, possibly well-known between the industrial circles for his prolific harsh noise/power electronics/death industrial project Suture and Neomortoria (a collaboration with UK’s Martyn Reid of Depletion), which debuted recently with an instrumental EP “Rules And Love”, soon followed by a bass-heavy tribute-cover of 1983 proto-house classic “Lamborghini” from legendary Australian electronic experimentalists Severed Heads.

New 5-track EP “Live In Pieces” continues to develop and refine his eerie and gloomy dim sonic soundscapes, unabashed to draw from an increasingly diverse array of influences, with a minimalistic and visceral use of unsettling mesmerizing drum-machines, reverb-drenched piercing guitars, foreboding prominent bass, droning synths over effected detached vocals.

Dealing with the light and dark duality of the human nature, the morbid and agonizing “The Light” unleashes tight understated hypnotic beats together with ominous deep wandering bass-line that pulse steadily building a dramatic exhausting sorely introspection, heightened by frozen smoldering swathes of restrained yet grating and excruciating guitar bleeds that delves deeply into the hopeless dire darkness of a perturbed soul engulfed by monotonous, emotionless voice devoured in desolation and grief depicting a lost, loveless wasted life in a black and white society with no bend.