WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOST LENORE “Made Of Pieces”

Track Of The Day  Lost Lenore

Following last year’s debut album Incólumes, the Brazilian Darkwave act Lost Lenore teases the upcoming EP, “Lost In Outtaspace”, with the brand new single “Made Of Pieces” via the independent São Paulo label Systemica Records.

Rooted in the iconic dark synth sound from the 80s, the act from the North of Brazil,  Manaus, AM/Boa Vista, RR, consisting of singer and lyricist Bianka Tarolla and electronic producer Augusto Batcave with the addition of Gabriel Pelenson (synthesizers, guitar and additional arrangements), delivers a smooth, atmospheric and brooding brand of Darkwave, blending melodic Synth-Pop sensibilities with gothic aesthetics, not shying away from mystical Wave and Italo leanings, through elegant and clean synthesized strings, pads and drum programming finely arranged, further enriched by somberly emotional, alluring vocalizations steeped in intense languid melancholy.

An intimate confession about the intense emotional confusion, such as the back and forth between love and hate, that occurs at the hands of a toxic relationship, “Made Of Pieces” elicits rattling and bouncy hypnotizing low-end oscillations, sliced through by mechanical lashing snare beats, encircled by desolate slow-moving dim synth drifts and sad fluting swirls around deeply felt, yet restrained, sad and angry vocals, conjuring up heartache, fear, and regret.

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Imagined by @caimaturgo