WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOST LENORE “Desmorto”

Track Of The Day  Lost Lenore

Fresh from a deal with independent Sao Paolo label Systemica Records, LOST LENORE is a coldwave /darkwave duo, formed last year in Roraima, north of Brazil, consisting of singer Bianka Tarolla and producer Augusto Batcave (also a member of cold synthpop trio Misfortune Deep), who have just dropped their sophomore single “Desmorto”.

Inspired by the New Wave, Post-punk, Dark Dance and Electronic music from the ’80s, with “Desmorto” the pair delves into melodic euro synthpop territories, to be clear ala Gazebo for us Italians or Desireless for our French neighbours, whilst still retaining its somber and melancholic qualities.

Lyrics proclaim the tragic, lonely nature of immortality and the death and fear that sustains it.

Relentless slashing beats along with throbbing, bouncing baseline hypnotically sway back and forth, brightened by glaring swirling chords resounding high, imbued with icy melancholic arpeggiated synth flow, haunted by beautifully sad female vocals, dripping heartfelt pain and suffering into the shimmering emotional swells of turmoil.

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