WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOSS OF BREATH “The Only Way to Say Farewell”

Track Of The Day Loss of Breath

Hailing from the Southwest, one of the more underexposed music scene of the U.S., mysterious post-punk New Mexico band Loss of Breath, following last year’s promising 2-track debut“The Blood Moon Majesty”, have just dropped the unmastered version of “The Only Way to Say Farewell”, a preview from their upcoming full-length.

A chance encounter leads to a lifetime of love, lies, and death as a man tempts fate and looks into the eyes of a woman he should have never met.

Harkening back to the early 80s Mancunian synth-inflected post-punk, introduced by droning atmospherics suffused with subdue glistening guitar chords, “The Only Way to Say Farewell” sharply bursts forth with pounding, nimble drumbeats charged by abrasive fractured guitar riffs over hypnotic buoyant keyboard loops and low sombre bassline to create a brooding and mourned cauldron of heartful, dour emotional intensity deepened by aching laments of guilty, forlorn anguish rooted deep within his decaying body and blackened soul.

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