WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOCUST REVIVAL “Dyying Colours”

Track Of The Day  LOCUST REVIVAL  

“Dyying Colours” is the new single from Brisbane-based post-punkers Locust Revival, longtime purveyors of agonizing, miasmal, deeply depressed and markedly gothic guitar-laden soundscapes, amid deeply introspective, luscious reverb-drenched drones and catharctic scratchy, sparkling tensions, drawing worn heartfelt beauty from heartwrenching inward chaos and pain.

The song, which perfectly encapsulates the doubt and fear plaguing a weary heart who is surprised to still have feelings for a lover after a horrible betrayal, seems to emerge from the murk, gliding liminal through a lovelorn epic melodious/discordant resounding cacophony of swirling keys and penetrating guitars that pull you in, straight away.

A warm humming bassline and stumbling drum beats pulsing along, circled by flashy plaintive spirals of glowing desolate keyboard flutters with piercing guitar strains, desperately ricochet back and forth at each other, oozing keen-edged distorted pain around dazed, aching romantic croons suffering in a sad ceremonial outpouring of broken-hearted dreams.

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