WL//WH Track Of The Day: LOCAL AUTHORITY “Forever, For Now”

Track Of The Day  Local Authority  

We were fortunate enough to interview and host the release of their debut album “Negative Space” in September 2019, Brisbane based dark post-punk dreamers, Local Authority, lead by multi-instrumentalist, guitarist and singer /songwriter Jacque McGill, along with Erica Sunnex (bass, vocals) and Lachlan Andrews (drums), are back, with new member Kailan O’Dell (keys), and a new single “Forever, For Now”, always for the local DIY label 4000 Records.

On the same contemplative, poignant and highly emotional sonic wavelength, minus the brooding gothic twist, of Melbourne‘s Locust Revival, with whom we ended with a flourish last week, “Forever, For Now” is a soul-stirring dark dream pop number enshrouded in breezy fuzzy shoegaze bliss, amidst metaphysical and fatalistic lyrics describing an altered state of consciousness, existing weightless and disconnected from the universe.

Iridescent and bewitching guitar melodies, lie on the swaying rhythms of deep pinpoint bass pulsations and steady beats, to weave a dazzling painful gaze projected towards a horizon of perpetual melancholia over a kaleidoscopic shimmering sea created by crystalline, slightly abrasive, harmonic textures and atmospheric reverb-laden dilations, whose energetic tides of caressing slightly abrasive distortions grow in depth, surging in swirling vivid blinding ascents laced with achingly cathartic emotional intensity and then sinking into saturated dissonant drifts, while dual atmospheric vocals coalesce light numb relaxed male exhalations with anxious emotional female longings, to float and fade hypnotically in a narcotic interplay of agony and ecstasy, falling desperately among shattered hopes and dreams.

While the band explores familiar sonic territories, the combination, and somehow contrast, of mesmerizing aural rapture and emotional lyrical turmoil make for a genuinely intriguing listen.

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Photo by Henri Cash-Finlay