WL//WH Track Of The Day : LIZARD SKIN “Warm Descent”

Track Of The Day Lizard Skin

Hailing from the ever musically vibrant Portland, Oregon, Lizard Skin is a brand new low-profile 3-piece band made of Mark Arciaga, Dillon Morton and Eric Hold, fresh from dropping their debut single“Warm Descent” taken from their upcoming debut DIY six-track cassette titled “Subterranean Guilt” due out on 21 April.

“Warm Descent” dances on the line between post-punk and coldwave with intriguing results, enriched by a goth-tinged sombre prose rich in macabre metaphores, addressing issues of being misunderstood, isolated and depressed.

Profound, ominous and throbbing bassline combines with steady and lashing drum machine beats leading the way punctuated by a dense web of sparkling and mournful Cure-esque guitar melodies to set an hypnotic sense of tension and envy over angry baritone vocals that snarl and growl laced with insightfully iconoclastic defiance in a sonourous clashing interplay with indiscernible raw hollers enter an existential conflict wrought in shame and hypocrisy.

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