WL//WH Track Of The Day: LIVINROOM “No Time”

Track Of The Day LIVINROOM  

Genuine and intense minimalistic post-punk from the Russian 2-piece LIVINROOM based in Saint-Petersburg,  just guitar, bass and drums/drum machine dipped in sadness and pain.

The duo have just released the 2-track single “Not Been Born”.

“No Time”, built on the surgical precision of the rhythm section interwoven among brooding melodic basslines and dense, hypnotic guitar chords, underpinned by mournful deep vocals, that submerge us into bleak depths of ominous doom and gloom, is an evocative and intense ritual of relentlessly oppressive and nihilistic post-punk in its most tragic and visceral form.

Check out also the not less haunting and captivating “Ruined Hills” from a band to absolutely keep a close watch on.

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