WL//WH Track of The Day: LILA EHJÄ “Ghost love”

Track Of The Day LILA EHJÄ

She does everything herself, Parisian one-girl band Lila Ehjä, also bassist in the Black Metal outfit Rance, carving an intense and intriguing Post-punk, or “Froide Wave” as she properly dubs it, that never fails to exude razor-sharp grit and powerful disturbing emotions, coming with fatal melodies and a cruel grace.

The straightforward gripping authenticity of Lila Ehjä‘s dark and melodic sound, stripped of any superfluous tinsel, fueled by swathes of abrasive Shoegaze and Fuzzed-Out textures, is mined from a wide range of past/present leanings, Boy Harsher, DAF, Cocteau Twins, Chrome or MBV, and above all fellow raucous dark rockers Jessica93, to compel into a powerful, claustrophobic, and compulsive vortex of cold mechanical beats, hypnotic looping low ends, grungy lacerating riffs and equally moody and alluring, shape-shifting vocalizations, steeped in visceral feelings.


The French artist is ready to unveil her long-anticipated follow-up, titled “Clivota”, due at the very start of next year, to her 2021 debut album, “yö”, giving us a first compelling foretaste via the new single “Ghost love.”

Urgent punchy rhythm patterns skip through with droning undulating basslines, obsessively pierced by prickly and echoing acidic guitar slivers, whilst swarms of distorted noisy buzzing riffs drift over sensual, seductive spoken words, layer with angry outbursts and bewitching siren-esque cries, to release confusion, pain, and frustration into an unsettling abrasive rush of menacing attitudes.

 Lila Ehjä‘s sophomore album, “Clivota”, is slated for release, Vinyl 12″ & digital, on January 3, 2024, via CROUX Records & Toutdoux Records.

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