WL//WH Track Of The Day: LIBBIANSKI “Useless Splendour”

Track Of The Day  LIBBIANSKI   

Started in 2022, Libbianski is a New Zealand four piece Shoegaze band from Wellington/Pōneke, comprising ex-members of local bands such as Tuscoma, Hollywoodfun Downstairs and Opium Eater, namely Mina Perniskie (vocals/guitar), Kurt Williams (guitar), Nat Reid (bass) and Tom LaHatte (drums), draw on classic ’90s Shoegaze and Noise-Rock, to deliver an atmospheric, heavy guitar sound with an imposing emotional charge and entrancing, vaguely psychedelic, intensity, teetering between introspective, sparkling and melodic dream states, and powerful lashes of Deftones-style ominous riffage crunch, as in the latest and final fifth single, “Useless Splendour”, that anticipates the imminent eponymous debut album to be released on the 1st of April.

The title track deals with looking inside oneself and finding nothing but rotten black decay, is steadily fueled by sturdy shuffling and pounding drum beats, and a menacing sludgey bassline, submerged by a flourishing cascade of resonant wailing aching guitar strains and abrasive doomy riffs, to enrapture magnetic angsty vocals, shifting into haunted pain-filled cries with murky distorted mists of tortured shame.

Libbianski‘s debut album, “Useless Splendour”,  is due out on the 1st of April. A series of live dates will soon follow, starting from April 24.

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