WL//WH Track Of The Day: LEONORA POST PUNK “Insomnio”

Track Of The Day Leonora Post Punk

Leonora Post Punk is a new band from the Northern part of Mexico, precisely Los Mochis, Sinaloa, with a rather explanatory name, actually inspired by the ‘absolute love’ represented in Fidelio, the only opera composed by Beethoven, fresh from a string of 4 songs published in just over a month, which, judging by the number of articles in the national independent press, has made quite an impression.

Proof of the creative ferment of the Mexican underground scene, the duo, made up of Frano Verdugoa and Yulian Rosas, deliver a minimalist and raw, yet equally intense and dark, goth-tinged post-punk, clearly influenced by the 80s, characterized by driving pulsing bass, hypnotic danceable rhythms, surf-infused guitar chords over emotional deep vocals.

Deep warbling melody-carrying propulsive bassline, backed by steady punchy drumbeats, throbs and oscillates incessantly back and forth, punctuated reverberating electric guitar riffs, shimmer, screech and creep through the dusty cracks of the chilled out darkness, weaving achingly gleaming twangy bleeds, whilst hovering around haunted sombre vocals, backed by subdued shouts, burdened with lonely discomfort and misunderstood isolation, fallen in a vast claustrophobic landscape of unreachable beauty.

As a proper soundtrack to these disconnected and crushing times, close your eyes and let the music sweep and blanket over you to the dark recess of your self-consciousness, scarred by the crushed hopes of the past and a foreboding future, that only through escapism in a beautiful mysterious and melancholic world of dreams, as the lyrics suggest, can appease.

Check out the video, created by the illustrator Meel Cerecer, for the previous danceable track “Eternos” and subscribe to the band’s channel.

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