WL//WH Track Of The Day: LEGITIMO POLVO “El Baño”

Track Of The Day   Legítimo Polvo

In the ongoing flood of music news, “El Baño” had escaped me, just included in the weekly playlist, anything more.
The other day, the good Mike sent me a ‘listen to this!’ message, and since then it’s one of my most pleasant earworms that has burrowed into my brain lately.
Two weeks have passed since its release, but anyway, the great of writing on an independent blog is above all being able to do what we fuckin’ like best.

Legítimo Polvo is a Zaragoza-based, Galicia-born one-man bedroom project, just ‘a guy with a drum machine, synth, guitar and looper’, who delivers a gripping synth-fueled ‘psychedelic post-punk sound that struck a striking balance between gloomily uneasy, immersive atmospheres and catchy yet depressing melodies.

“El Baño” is the opening track from the band’s freshly dropped debut 4-track ‘Demo’ EP, driven by unceasing quick repetitive pummeling drumbeats, intercalated by banging rhythmic claps, along with deep rubbery wandering bassline, steadily pierced by obsessively sullen guitar melodies that achingly shimmer and whine with hypnotic glimmers of sombre introspection, sharpened by sparse grieving 6-string flourishes, and glassy lustrous synth swells, infusing hazy, swirling, hallucinogenic resonances, imbued by persistently whispered breathy urgent male vocals, anxiously fearing an impending passionate loss.

Through hypnotic motorik beats, deep mesmeric bass pulses, frigid synths and all-consuming guitar reverberations, “El Baño” fatally casts a spell over the listeners with a bewitching and addictive trance-inducing post-punk incantation.

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