WL//WH Track Of The Day: LEFT FOR PLEASURE “Frontal”


After a compelling first album, titled “Human Contract”, via Detriti Records at the very end of last year, the Eastern German duo based in Halle (Saale), Left For Pleasure, return in 2023 with two singles in a row, the latest of which, “Frontal”, deals with a traumatic memory that instills overwhelming sadness and pain into a heartbroken soul whose search for meaning leads to unexpected strength and catharsis.

The pair deliver a minimal Dark and Cold Wave, at times stiffened with rhythmic New Beat elements, from the ’80s influenced paths that echo Linea Aspera and Lebanon Hanover, in which driving and spectral drum machines along with obsessive and evocative synths, at times sparkling and bleeding guitars, and Post-punk basslines, take in hand the multifaceted emotional-ridden voice in a somber and martial dance shrouded in an all-encompassing sense of despair.

The menacing and sneakingly emotive slow-burner, ‘electrifying EBM song’ as the band itself suggests, “Frontal”, sets off hard-hitting stark drum beats, draped in ethereal mystic ceremonial hums and dramatic shimmering synth wails, building a brooding and haunted unearthly atmosphere soaked in simmering reflective distress, to rise through urgent buzzing low-end ripples and rousing echoes, pounding and stuttering with cathartic chaotic angst along evocative vocals, alternating weak melancholic breathes with soft tragically beautiful cries and sinister spoken word anger.

“Frontal” is also part of the 17-track Various/Artists  “Hidden Curses” compilation, on Cassette & Digital formats, via Leipzig‘s label Self Learning System.

Left For Pleasure‘s debut album “Human Contract” is still available on 12” vinyl via Detriti Label.

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