WL//WH Track Of The Day: LE PETIT MORT “Der Zug Der Seelen / The Train Of Souls”

Track Of The Day LE PETIT MORT 

The eternal journey
There is no end to the eternal
The journey of the souls…
…in search of oneself…

For a few years the solo instrumental music project, LE PETIT MORT, from La Paz, Bolivia, is creating, with mixed results, using both synthetic and organic instrumentation, dark, gloomy and enveloping ethereal atmospheres, built on depressive melodies, neo-classical harmonies, and gothic solemnity, swept by icy darkwave breezes.

Pervaded by arcane esoterism and ancestral echoes, “Der Zug Der Seelen” slowly unfolds on a swaying bed of crackling percolating bass tones and steady crawling beats, pierced by relentless metallic, forsaken, bleeding riffs, eternally resounding with grieving contemplative melancholy, surrounded by achingly swirling synth wails, merging with subdued eerie breaths to reflect on the eternal search for oneself.

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