WL//WH Track Of The Day: L’AVENIR “Black Day”

Track Of The Day    L’AVENIR

Because of all the unpleasant accidents I had in recent years, I revise my way of life in a minimal way, so I’m not affected at all by the useless consumerism of the Festive period, only music is my sweet spot.

In this regard couldn’t have better welcomed the surprising late gift by the ‘esteemed professor’ at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, as well as in cold synth, Jason Sloan through his latest synth-pop / minimal wave moniker L’Avenir.

Off of the brand new 3-track EP ‘Les vieux jours’, ‘Black Day’ sketches obsessive beats, repetitive gloomy and melancholic analogue synth melodies created a soundscape as depressing as it is energetic, the floating Roland Orzabaland-like Jason’s voice enhances the haunted and sensual hazy atmosphere of dark contemplations and claustrophobia with lyrics describing pain ‘Feel the thorn’, animosity ‘You feed the hate that drives me and keeps me warm’, sorrow ‘My heart is broken’, missing ‘There is no light to guide my way‘ and disillusionment ‘It never goes away (Another black day)’. 

Definitely, my best kept secret of Christmas time, but not just mine I guess…

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