WL//WH Track Of The Day : LAUDAN ‘Приметы Гибели’

Track Of The Day

A Russian band that I did quite like in the past and I thought disappeared, suddenly is back with a new line-up, a four-piece, and a slightly different sound.

Laudan is the musical project from Samara, founded in 2006 by Maksim Akonit “inspired by David Lynch’s films and F.Kafka’s novels”; its last release dates back to December 2016, a noisy and intense full album, half studio half live recordings, released on limited cassette for the Greek label E.D.A. Records.

‘Приметы Гибели / Signs of Doom‘ is a fuzzed out and ice cold, scratchy burst of anger-driven post-punk sound, layered in noise-rock effects, dense, direct and powerful, the guitars are sharp and abrasive, the rhythmic pounding, the emotional and commanding vocals with the right amount of anger, but inexplicably instead of the inevitable cathartic explosion, everything vanish into thin air.

Pity for the final that left me a stale after-taste, but the early signs from the ‘new-found’ Laudan seem promising.

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