WL//WH Track Of The Day: LAST GRASP “Gaia Go Round“

Track Of The Day  LAST GRASP  

Exploring themes of nature as the band are often accustomed to, “Gaia Go Round“ is the new single from Last Grasp, the Gothic music project from Florida, started at the end of last year by Matthew DeFeis (Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics) and Epiphania Anthony (Bass), their fifth release so far.

The duo grabs a deft insight into the equally more introspective and intense nuances of 80s Goth-tinged Post-punk, balancing ghostly atmospheres and vibrant crestfallen energy, drifting between wandering bleak bass pulsations, chilly shimmering arpeggios, at times ripping Deathrock-charged riffs over pain-filled vocals.

Ceremonial lyrics brood in a heartfelt tragedy of Gaia’s wrath to evoke fear, regret, and melancholy from the sinful destructive soul of humankind.

John McGeoch-esque sparkling haunted guitar melodies sneak through hypnotic syncopated rhythms along with hopelessly rumbling and throbbing bassline meandering, to echo and swirl with soaring dramatic intensity atop urgent distressed vocals, stirring anxiety and sorrow into scintillating, redemptive winds of deserved doom.

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