WL//WH Track Of The Day: LAS FLORES “Rainfall (HD189733b)”

Track Of The Day LAS FLORES

“Rainfall (HD189733b)”, featuring madame shanminor on vocals, is the latest single of the three released since 2021, from the collaborative solo project based in Łódź, Poland, Las Flores, which given the outstanding quality so far we hope to hear to a follow-up soon.

Channeling early Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure leanings, Las Flores delivers an atmospheric minimalistic Post-Punk sound, molded with tormented intensity and prowess, never at the expense of spontaneity, with slashing rhythms, sparkling ethereal guitars, prominent broody bass throbs, and rousing alienated vocal haunting, rife with dark romantic poetry and goth-tinged nostalgia.

“Rainfall (HD189733b)” is infused with emotional lyrics that reflect on the time spent getting to know a partner through a lens of bitterness and regret.

A rugged and ominous, as well as driving and forlorn bass line, vibrates and pulsates, meandering with hopeless sorrow, cut through by relentless whip-sharp drum beats, gradually haunted by wistful guitar melodies along with captivating dual male/female vocals, mixing dramatic heartfelt agony with chilling fragile echoes, and distorted blurry whispers, to sink helplessly under a relentless raging tide of warped obsession, mowed down by shrilly weeping reverberations.

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