WL//WH Track Of The Day: LAPSE “Bound”

Track Of The Day LAPSE

For about six years, since I decided to subscribe, I use Facebook as an imprint of past music memories, mainly for the playlist headers. Yesterday typing the name ‘Lapse’ I found a post, dated June 3, 2015, about the Australian band’s first s/t 3-track demo tape along with the comment, as often it happened, from the sorely missed Chris ‘my ear holes like this!’, to which I replied, as usual, not too unbalanced, ‘Very good for a demo …’, as he replied ‘great! for a demo’.

We had to wait another two years before finally delighting ourselves, albeit unfortunately missed by Chris, with the real first EP“True Conditions” from the Australian trio, replete with ‘modern and blissful shoegaze’.

The now split between Sidney and Canberra band, still with the original line-up, made up of Jackson McCarthy (guitar & vocals), Kerry Scott-Jackson (bass & vocals) and Joel Nevile (drums, synthesiser & vocals), is back with the announcement of the Self-Titled debut album, soon to be released via usual fellow Lacklustre Records, preview by the new tune, “Bound”, with a seemingly even more dilated and reflective, less distorted, atmospheric 6-string sound, somehow like a narcoleptic version of early Ride “Nowhere” period, with slight Midwest emo echoes.

Soft jaunty off-tempo drum beats and snaking rubbery bassline pulses nourish a dreamy and intoxicating guitar-driven stream of swarming mesmeric webs of crystalline chords, permeated by a warm, soft and chiming sheen, subtly veiled in a sense of latent uneasiness, that unwinds in an undulating gently bittersweet swing, radiating like the lilting whirl of raindrops crashing onto the wintry gray of the soul. A persistent sense of melancholy infuses the brittle harmonic ringing reverberations that suddenly glide in a brighter piercing progression, to rapidly settle on subdued and pensive tones, while beautifully tragic male/female vocals sway desperately through the agony and ecstasy of silent suffering with gentle atmospheric whispers, shrouded in secrecy and pain.

It’s a saddening immersive aural sea that captures both in an emotive and sensorial way, inviting you to look forward to the next incoming of blissful emotional tides.

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