WL//WH Track Of The Day: KRAUSCHVOID “Lost”


Krauschvoid is the solo project of Brazilian musician and composer Nill Salles, one-half of the São Paulo based Post-punk duo Zviet, currently on indefinite hiatus, which the more attentive will remember with a quite fine single around two years ago in the Russian language, as it is rather promising Krauschvoid’s first release “Lost”, dropped in the last days of May via the Systemica Records.

A pretty powerful blend of minimal Synth-driven Dark Cold Wave that explores the coldness, bleakness, and inner turmoil of a troubled soul with a modern dancing flair.

The lyric-wise obsessive “Lost” dwells in a lost heady realm of broken dreams searching for strength and comfort amid death and confusion.

Steady tight punchy snares intersect with bouncy and undulating low ends, swept by icy spatial stabbing synth swathes, alternating with dramatic pulsing swells, atop low, heavily mopey baritone broods, releasing numb trembling breathes of angsty fear into an eerie urgent poignancy of hope and dread.

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