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EBM and New Beat informed sound of Madison, Wisconsin based DIY duo KLACK, made up of Eric Oehler (Null Device) and Matt Fanale (Caustic), is going from strength to strength. After the instant retro futuristic classic of debut track “Synthesizer” and the 4-song EP “Do You Klack?”, via the forward thinking Berlin-based Italian label Detriti, here is the new EP “Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar” dedicated to the American version of what was for many Europeans in the 80’s the little, albeit speedy, legendary car ‘Renault 5’. Showing fervent imagination, drive, and sheer creativity, straddling the line between tradition and innovation, the duo add more catchy, playful yet ominous synth-pop elements in the mix already introduced by the cover version of Robert Palmer‘s hit single “Addicted To Love”.

Suddenly abandoned with no answers for comfort leaves a man stuck in his mind obsessed and terrified unable to move on…that’s the ‘incipit’ of the infectious new beat-infused synthpop hit “Lost Without You” built on stuttering and pulsing basslines densely woven with hypnotic shiny synths propelled by 80’s-style groovy, jittery and steady syncopated rhythms, sprinkled with sparse spoken word samples and percussive effects, over anxious quivering disoriented vocals, with undertones of anger, become more peaceful and heartfelt during the chorus emphasizing the dualistic nature between a sad desperate urgency for answers and the frantic, downward spiral.

Welcome to the cult of Klack!!!

Matt Fanale – Klangmacher, Geschrei

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