WL//WH Track Of The Day: KINDEST CUTS “All You Need Is Money (feat. New Haunts)”

Four years have passed since the last Kindest Cuts“Factotum” EP, a long time, especially music-wise, but the sparkling elegance and timeless quality of the dark synthpop meticulously crafted by the Toronto-born project of Patrick Short, now relocated to Montreal, transcends the fluctuations of any music fashion and trends like it never went away.

The brand new single “All You Need Is Money”, along with the equally infectious “Public Hell”, that inaugurates his DIY label Dioptra Records, featuring the fascinating backing vocals of the talented English musician/singer Alice Sheridan a.k.a. New Haunts, is an irresistible dance-inducing rush of synthpop, dealing with a growing perception of economic inequality deeply felt in modern society

Vigorous and poignant yet equally catchy “All You Need Is Money” unleashes mechanical seethingly hectic bassline, interspersed by sparse taut breaks and double claps, that brood and waver relentlessly over driving steadily lashing beats insinuated by swirling swathes of glaring icy atmospheric synth, weaving a glittering intoxicating demeanour of lust and desire, over forlorn, eager male vocals, alternate with emotionless hypnotic, inebriated obsessions, haloed in vexed dead female echoes, spiralling hopelessly out of control in seamless greed.

In the last years, it sounds like as if Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, New Order, OMD, Human League’s timeless, obscure yet scintillating, synth melodies have found a natural environment in the Québécois city, like the most benign virus, to spread, refresh and regenerate, Kindest Cuts couldn’t be a better addition.

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