WL//WH Track Of The Day: KILL ME, ACE! [Убей меня, Эйс!] “Worm/Червь”

Track Of The Day Убей меня, Эйс! [KillMe, Ace!]

Kill Me, Ace! is the creative solo project from Ukraine, that fairly regularly, since late 2018, delivers singles and EPs often with glimpses of distinctive brilliance, amazingly illustrated by eerily imaginative covers from the young artist Anastasia Simo [Simo | Art].

A melodic and energetic sound, at the same time dark and melancholic, varying from synthpop, post-punk and indie-rock, through a heady and gripping fusion, both synthetic and acoustic, of abrasive synths, noisy guitars and hypnotic dance-inducing drum machine rhythms, flavoured by caustic lyrics.

“Worm/Червь”, the band’s brand new single, via the anti-label IZNANKA, unleashes driving treacherous, seedy and rumbling bassline, laced with sharp pinpoint synth keys, throb menace, buzzing and creeping through tight punchy drumbeats, over nervous angsty male vocals, secretly simmering in devilish intentions amid intense social anxiety and eerily sinister resonant synth shivers.

Bitterly angry and spiteful lyrics reveal phoney smiles, backstabs, and vindication, ushered in the form of a karmic prediction, “the worms that have eaten me, one day will eat you.”

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