WL//WH Track Of The Day: KANDINSKY NOIR “Miss Hauntology”

Track Of The Day Kandinsky Noir

Elusive Berlin-based one-man band, back on the fold after apparently 17 years of inactivity, with a high-energy and turbulent debut single, under his Kandinsky Noir lockdown moniker, through a clattering, emotional and somehow cinematic jumble of 80s Synthwave, Post-Punk and Industrial Rock.

Metaphorical lyrics personify Hauntology, placing hints to BDSM and Instagram into the philosophy of ideologies being haunted by the lost futures of the past.

“Miss Hauntology” crashes its way into unremitting tightly pounding rhythms, propelling the rumbling, taut groove onward, while obsessive wheezing waves of glowing synth chill flow menacingly through swirling abrasive guitar textures to inject looming distress and turmoil around intense, anxious male vocals, releasing obsessive fears, fading echoes, and rapid-fire anguish into the overwhelming insurgence of emotional unrest.

A powerful introduction with more soon to come…